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How I felt when I left France

How I felt when I left France

I left France in July 2010, after living there for 12 years and saying I would never leave. Recently several people have asked me if I miss France, if it was a hard decision to leave or how I felt when I left, so I thought I’d share a little more about that part of our life today.

I fell in love with France and the French when I went on a family holiday to Fréjus aged 8. When I moved to France in 1998, straight after finishing my French & Spanish degree it felt like the most natural next step. No one was surprised when I married my French boyfriend. I was the biggest francophile my family and friends knew.

I always said that I would NEVER leave France and, more precisely, the French Riviera. I assumed I was there for the rest of my life.

So when we made the decision on 18th June 2010 to leave France for good on 19th July 2010 it was a shock to everyone. Myself included.

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