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How and when to explore the Douro valley wine region in Portugal

How and when to explore the Douro valley wine region in Portugal

Having recently got better acquainted with port wine in Porto, it seems only fitting to take a look at the region this lovely liquid originates from. The Douro valley has more than just the perfect climate and soil for cultivating grapes. The undulating curves of its hillsides create a beautiful and dramatic landscape which changes with the seasons.

The endless rows of terraced grape vines are nothing more than dark gnarly stumps during the winter but come April and the leaves gradually transform the hills until they are covered with green stripes. By harvest time in September, a warm metallic colour scheme takes over with golds, coppers and bronze tones decorating the slopes. If you want hands on experience of the harvest, this is the time to come. You can pick grapes and even crush them by foot in some vineyards.

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