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Harry Potter Studio Tour London review – don’t bother with Universal

Harry Potter Studio Tour London review – don’t bother with Universal

I am not well-known for wanting to go out. I may have mentioned before that leaving the house is a process which requires expert “people management” skills on behalf of my parents. It begins with a bright and cheerful “Today we’re going to….” followed by some strategic groaning and face-making by yours truly. So I astonished even myself when I was up and dressed before the old’s alarm went off, on the day we had scheduled to visit the Harry Potter Studio Tour in Londonnofollow.

When you book tickets you have to choose a time-slot, and we were a tad early for ours. All to the good, because the gift shop is right by the entrance – well it was my birthday… Transformed into Hermione and Lord Voldemort ( what? I have Harry’s wand already from a previous trip to Universal Studios in Orlando, so I needed to compare powers!) and armed with our passports, we got into the queue.

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