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Halloween in France

Halloween in France

Halloween is not traditionally celebrated in France, though in some locations you'd be forgiven for thinking the opposite. The area and the age of the population can make a great deal of difference. Children love it, the older generation don't and those in the middle fall somewhere in between! The more international the area, particularly the more Americans there are, the more the date is celebrated.I arrived in France in 1997 just as Halloween was taking off. It was effectively imported into the country by large US corporations particularly Disney, using pumpkins, bats, witches etc in their marketing. Disneyland Paris opened in 1992 and by 1995 Halloween was starting to become something of a success in France. I remember being amazed at the way the French seemed to have espoused such an anglosaxon (the traditional enemy) festival - shops were decorated to the nines with spooky stuff and kids started Trick or Treating.

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