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Space, the final fr… Too cheesy? I think so too… Space is a fascinating place. Nebulas, black holes, pulsars, gas giants, huge expanses of nothing that isn’t actually nothing at all are a few examples, and the discoveries to be made are seemingly endless. Some of the most interesting discoveries of recent years have come from the relatively new field of Astrobiology. Astrobiology is the study of the origins and evolution of space, its habitats and biodiversity, and the future of space itself. It’s a hugely interdisciplinary field encompassing all of science that can’t help but tickle the taste buds of anyone interested in exploration. Combined with the onset of commercial space flight in the relatively near future, could Frontier be offering a space exploration project within the next 50 years, or perhaps, even sooner? Let’s examine the facts, the hurdles to overcome and some of the worlds you might be able to visit one day.

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