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First week jitters

First week jitters

Hey you guys! My first week of work is pretty much done and boy did it fly by really fast! Been so busy trying to adjust to my new environment that I didn’t realise the weekend is almost here! Wow. I wouldn’t say that I’m on unfamiliar grounds because believe it or not, the moment I stepped into my centre, it immediately dawned on me that I was here two years ago when I was a temp at HQ doing auditing! That’s what I worked as during the almost three-month gap before my official start date just so I could get a salary allowance to tie me over. It beats sitting at home with nothing to do and well, I did learn quite a bit during that time period. Anyway, when I met with my P, I was so glad that she still remembered me after so long and we got to have a quick catch up with each other before getting down to settling the serious stuff. All’s good on that front!

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