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Fiji: It Really is About the People– Fiji Magic part 2

Fiji: It Really is About the People– Fiji Magic part 2

But everywhere we went, we heard the same thing: it’s about the people of Fiji. You hear that a lot when you travel to other countries, and generally it’s true. But, we heard it differently in Fiji. People said it with such emotion. I’ll admit it; I was a bit skeptical. As one commenter, Renata, noted in my last post on Fiji (see comments section): these people are being paid to be nice to me; they have to be kind, funny, and helpful. But that’s selling the people of Fiji short; that view is based on a jaded western concept of service and obligation, that isn’t the same in Fiji. What Renata clearly doesn’t understand, is that the people of Fiji are different than we are; they are truly special.

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