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Eco-Friendly / Ethical Gift Ideas for Babies, Kids and Teens

Eco-Friendly / Ethical Gift Ideas for Babies, Kids and Teens

Can you believe that it’s Christmas in just over two weeks? Where has the time gone? I’ve managed to put together the last in my installment of eco-friendly or ethical gift ideas just in time! This time it’s for the younger people in your life – from babies and toddlers, through to kids, and right through to teens. For babies, toddlers and kids I’ve deliberately picked unisex toys as I’m personally not a fan of gender-specific toys. I’ve also kept my picks to no more than £35.

Babies & Toddlers 1. Octopus Rattle (£4.25) (FT) – fun for small hands

2. Play Camera (£15) (EF, FT) – perfect for stimulating the imagination

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