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Day 10: 10 without shoes

Day 10: 10 without shoes

Day 10: My final thoughts of this challenge.. The day I woke up and this challenge was done was a HUGE relief. I learned a lot about myself through this. The Author who inspired me to take these challenges this year asked "Have I found it to be rewarding"? My answer was at first HA, NO! My fee & back hurt all I want is shoes.... but then I really thought about it and came up with this. I was representing a portion of those without footwear. I am blessed with shoes and the money to purchase new ones if I need too (thank Goodness!). We as a society need to be an example for others. A beacon for light and love. I helped a small fraction of the population but what I gain from this experience will stay with me for years to come. Compassion, empathy, respect and understanding. These are things my son and those around me will see through me. I hope you all enjoyed this little walk with charity event and I will see you next month with yet another one!

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