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Darya Is A Shark Week!

Darya Is A Shark Week!

Because I was bored and I believe I am more productive when The Husband is away. I seem to have lots of plans and ideas brewing when I am on solo duty.

This shark-face was done months back. Notice the swollen gum on the Little Miss.

So one fine day, this girl wanted me to make her a shark. I was on a hunt for boxes for her doll house project (which had to be put on hold because of the lack of materials. There seemed to be some underground movement in our Bedok/Chai Chee neighborhood who seems to be controlling the recycled boxes/used boxes. I was once being told off by a box lady who said 'OI! YOU DON'T ANYHOW TAKE AR! BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING!' while I was rummaging through the dustbin compartment (yes i look like a badass scavenger doing that) *i make sad face* So the search for huge boxes seem futile for now. I made do with whatever tiny box I could find.

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