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Current obsession: Quartz crystal necklaces

Current obsession: Quartz crystal necklaces

As a kid growing up, I was always fascinated by crystals. It started with birthstones, and my interest grew from there. I found crystals to be such pretty things and I would find myself walking into shops that sells them just to have a look see. The first time I saw an amethyst cave, I was wowed by it. I didn’t know you could use such ornaments as house decor! It didn’t take long before crystal ornaments started popping up in my house but I never really owned any crystal jewellery save for a pair of amethyst earrings because that was my birthstone. When I did grow older, I tried looking for crystal jewellery because well, I wanted a variety in the kinds that I wore. I always went for the safe choice — sterling silver. After a while, that got kinda boring? Then again, crystal jewellery are quite difficult to find. At least the affordable kind. I’m such a sucker for affordable jewellery, I’m not even joking. The one piece of crystal jewellery that I really want to get my hands on though, is the quartz crystal necklace!

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