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Cruising the Danube

Cruising the Danube

At Christmas my parents found themselves in the unusual situation of all three of their children - me, my brother and sister - not spending the holidays with them. We were all with our in-laws. So rather than mope around at home missing us (!) they booked a cruise on the Danube, for the whole of the festive period. I must say, despite sometimes mocking the idea of a river cruise, I was rather jealous. Having been to Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest earlier last year I knew that they'd be visiting wonderful places and the idea of being waited on, no cooking, no chores etc for 2 full weeks while watching the world pass by sounded very appealing.It is from my globe-trotting parents that I inherited my love of travel. They (a Brit and an Aussie) met in Ghana and have lived in 9 and 10 countries (dad and mum respectively) and travelled all over the world. Last count my dad had visited over 90 countries (and my mum not far behind) including unusual locations such as Bhutan, Honduras, Democratic Republic of Congo, Greenland and Angola. (I could go on...)

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