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CountryWives - Making the most of the Right Side of Fifty

CountryWives - Making the most of the Right Side of Fifty

“Just realised something” says Husband as he takes a sip of his chilled Cinque Terre wine. ”What’s that?” I ask, slightly more interested in the refreshing bitterness of my Campari and soda than anything else. ”We rarely go anywhere twice and yet we keep coming back here.” Thoughtful pause. Husband lights up Marlboro. He is so right. (Apart from smoking the cigarette). We have been on long weekends to Portofino quite a few times now. It keeps drawing us back. Why? Could be the alfresco cosmopolitan atmosphere, the busy buzz of everyday Italian life – mosquito-like Vespas, beeping car horns, constant traffic – although saying that, if you look closely, everyone seems really chilled. And why wouldn’t they be? The sunshine is reliably available, Italians have a diet that is the envy of the world and they openly celebrate la dolce vita. Or it could be the...

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