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Cacti and Orchids

Cacti and Orchids I don't think you could get two plants more different and although both are thriving in the glasshouses at RHS Wisley, one has a reputation for being tough and hardy and the other much more delicate. I think that contrast is part of the attraction and while I have had success with my succulents, or rather they've felt quite at home in my conservatory which isn't a patch on the glasshouses here, either in size or temperature I'm afraid I've had very little success with orchids, which is a shame as I'd very much like to succeed at those.

We were at Wisley to see the butterflies - they were fab and I managed to get some great shots - but while we were there we had a scoot around the gardens and spent more time exploring the rest of the huge glasshouses too. Did you know they cover an area equal to ten tennis courts?


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