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Bird watching in Normandy

Bird watching in Normandy

Normandy is a great location if you fancy doing a bit of birdwatching. You are guaranteed to see plenty of birds when you head out with your binoculars ... or even if you head out without them. (See the blog for the rarities we have seen!) We see lots of birds on a daily basis from sparrows, finches and tits to jays, kestrels and buzzards. At night you will more than likely hear owls and should you get up with the rising sun in May and June the dawn chorus is fabulous. This year our breeding swallows were also back. No swallows returned to us 2 years ago and last year some came back but none bred. This year they were back breeding and you had to remember to duck when you went into some of the buildings in case Mum or Dad swooped into you!

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