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Bike versus car ~ what would you do

Bike versus car ~ what would you do

Scarve, feather down long coat, another scarve, hat. *blasted, I forgot my gloves*

This is what schoolrun is like for me at the moment. Autumn has taken hold of the country. And inevitably, it means frostier mornings. Three months ago, I bought my “piece de resistance”. A shiny, brand new, all electric cargobike! It can seat up to four children, plus bags and can hold your groceries as well in one go. It really is a beauty, if I say so myself.

So, schoolrun is done on my Iron Steed, every morning. And this morning, IT WAS COLD. I dressed the kids really well and they snuggled under a blankie. By bike, schoolrun takes about ten minutes, so we’d be in school in no time.

I bought the cargobike for several reasons...

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