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Art Everday 2 - Doodling

Art Everday 2 - Doodling

When I was in high school I constantly doodled in the margins of my notebooks, as I’m sure more high school students did than not. I was actually surprised when I started teaching high school history that not many students doodled, but instead furtively tried to write every word I said – stop, stop, stop! I would get so aggravated that they had to capture every.single.word.

As a teacher, I was glad they were so attentive, but they missed the big important things I was saying for the small little things. There are lots of things teachers try to do to get students involved, away from notetaking (which is still a good thing in small doses), and thinking more. An approach I took was to ask students to doodle about what we were learning – I’d tell a story, cover an idea, or review, and then I’d ask them to doodle about it. Some of the groans I got!!

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