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A Prickly Problem

A Prickly Problem

Situated deep in rural Normandy, Eco-Gites of Lenault is lucky to have a very healthy wildlife population around and about. On the bird front this includes one of my best-loved small birds, goldfinches. One of the favourite foods of goldfinches are the seeds of thistles and related plants and they seem oblivious to the spikes on the plants as they flit among the plants gathering the downy seeds. When we first arrived here, the area that is now the play area was full of thistles and we saw many goldfinches. Now these have been cleared the goldfinches have to look else where for their seeds ... not too far though as there are thistles plenty around ... including this lovely large patch between one of the pig pens and the veg patch.

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We Will Remember Them

Cantaloupe Melon Frozen Yoghurt