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A Night of Fashion, Jewellery & Interiors Shopping & Boozing!

A Night of Fashion, Jewellery & Interiors Shopping & Boozing!

I went to a very lovely shopping party a couple of days ago hosted by the beautiful Katharina Nikolitzi who makes cool jewels, check out her Nikolitzi Facebook Page and here she is in her studio (cheekily modelling a Van Asch notebook there!) I spent a long time lingering over the Annie Sloan chalk paints from Shabby Home and bought a few pots to play with. Here is Carolina from Shabby Home...and if I haven't said it before, then I say it now...Annie Sloan chalk paints are brilliant! I paint my skulls with them and we use lots on our furniture too. The finish, after waxing, is so nice, it really gives things a 3D rich soulful look...

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