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A Few of his Favourite Toys

A Few of his Favourite Toys

With Tod-Lu's second birthday approaching, the quest to find the best gift began.

There's nothing better than quality toys, made from natural materials, with a distinct educational value. Happily, the child in the house agrees.

So, here we present the heroic toys that suffered countless hours of banging, drooling over and fun.

Favourite Toys, A Mum in London

The Baby Walker, Plan Toys

He likes: As a baby, he played a lot with the blocks and had hours of fun knocking down the towers we made. As a toddler, he loves building towers and puts his teddy bear in the walker for a walk in the house.

I like: The wooden material, the nice colours and the fact that you can tidy up the blocks really easily. I have also a lot fun building Jenga-like towers.

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