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A Champagne 'Thank You' to Mr Williams, courtesy of Waitrose and Me!

A Champagne 'Thank You' to Mr Williams, courtesy of Waitrose and Me!

For the last couple of weeks I haven’t really seen Ross. He has been out and about working very hard to support our little family and I am so proud of him. Last week he had 2 days worth of acting work, was MCing a party over the weekend in the Cotswolds and this week he was up in Berkshire meeting a potential client and is on an acting job in Bristol. I miss him but I also know how hard he works. He also earns most of the money and pays for the lions share of the bills.

Waitrose are currently running a champagne ‘thank you’ campaign, and they offered me the opportunity to receive a bottle of bubbly and some vouchers in order to show my appreciation by sharing a special meal with the added benefit of a bottle of champagne. After all Ross has done over the past week – and beyond – he certainly deserves it.

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