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£9.50 Sun Holiday - Park 272 Duinrell (Holland)

£9.50 Sun Holiday - Park 272 Duinrell (Holland)

We are going to Duinrell in Holland on our £9.50 Sun Holiday this year as we enjoyed ourselves so much last year. I initially paid £118.40 and then had a further bill for £43, totalling £161.40 but this covers breakdown insurance, holiday cover and a waiver equipment damage charge – for 3 adults and 3 children, for 4 nights in Europe (we opted to take our own bedding to save money). We chose this park because of  f the pool ‘Tikibad,’ reputedly the largest and most exciting water park in Europe (this had additional costs – I think it was 3.50 euros for a couple of hours each) – which we took our own photos for the pass cards, they need to be passport size and we went and had them done, but ones taken at home I am sure would be fine). Make sure your children have the right swimming aids – my 4 and 5 year olds have life jackets which they don’t usually use over here.

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