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49 years

49 years

49 years

49 years ago a big, bouncing baby boy was born.

A really BIG baby at over 9lb 4oz!

He was a sickly child, always taking medicine. Ended up being quite thin and not particular tall, until he reached his teens. He turned out to be the only boy, with 3 sisters.

He grew into a real rocker by his late teens. Pictures I've seen of him show a tall, long haired, skinny thing. Think Led Zeppelin!

It took til he was 25 to realise he needed a good woman in his life. In fact it was a sweet and innocent(!??!?) 16 year old approached him in a *pub and changed his life forever. (*the reason the 16 year old was in a pub approaching a 25 year old man is a whole other story, just shhhh).

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