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3 (unusual) things to love about Nice

3 (unusual) things to love about Nice

Nice is a city of contrasts, located on the beautiful Mediterranean sea hemmed in by Alps, its location is hard to beat. Contrast the bright blue sea with the snow-capped mountains; the reds and ochres of the Italianate Old Town with the white Belle Epoque palaces in the "new town"; the super yachts on the harbour with the highrise blocks of social housing in the suburbs. It's also a city of superlatives: it has the most sunshine of any city in France (300 days a year), it has the longest urban seafront in Europe, it is the most visited city in France after Paris, it has the most museums in France after Paris....and as far as I'm concerned it offers the best quality of living in France. But here I want to tell you about 3 unusual things that I love about Nice.

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