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A beauty consultation with Laurie Hadleigh

A beauty consultation with Laurie Hadleigh

"I decided to sign up with Laurie Hadleigh, a celebrity stylist and beauty editor to get her advice on everyday make up. I have got into a bit of a rut with my make up; I pretty much wear the same style every day. I shape and define my eyebrows with a pencil and slap on a bit of liquid eyeliner and mascara. Done. I suppose I’m lucky that I don’t really need to wear foundation as I have quite clear skin, but I could at least change the rest of my make up routine.

I feel like what I’m doing is a bit boring – and it’s been the same for about 10 years! I suppose it’s mostly because apart from the basics I find make up a bit overwhelming as there are so many different types of products. It’s difficult to know where to start. I’d like to liven it up a bit but keep it looking natural and after a read of all the bloggers’ profiles, it seemed like that was exactly what Laurie specialises in."

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