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10 tips for making the most of a weekend stay at Center Parcs

10 tips for making the most of a weekend stay at Center Parcs - geekmummy

As a Center Parcs Blogger family for 2013 we recently got to enjoy a mini break at the Center Parcs village of our choice. We could only take that break during term time, and as the geekdaughter is now in school this meant for us that we had to go for a weekend. A usual weekend break at Center Parcs is from Friday to Monday, but as we had to get the geekdaughter back to school we could only stay until the Sunday evening. I wasn’t daunted though. We’ve been to Center Parcs several times before, often with friends who have school age children, so we knew it was totally feasible to have a great break even if it was only a couple of days. So I thought I’d share with you my top tips for enjoying a weekend break at Center Parcs…

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