Grab the LABit tool for your desktop

add the labit tool

How to use LABit

Please note: You will need to LABit from the post itself, not the homepage, posts added direct from the homepage will be removed.

When write a post you would like showcased – or spot a great post on another blog that you’d like to recommend, select some text in the post for the excerpt, max. 200 words, minimum 100 words – don’t worry you can shorten the text at the next step if you select more than 200 words-  and click on the LAB-It! icon in your bookmark bar.

Once you have done this a window will appear that looks like this:
How to use LABit

You will notice that the Excerpt title, link to the post and the excerpt itself has automatically filled itself in for you.

You can choose to select an image from the post to include with the excerpt by clicking the ‘Choose Images’ button, see below for an example
How to use LABit
*Please note*  We only use a thumbnail of the original image and the image itself cannot be copied by any third party in it’s original size from LAB. All images that appear in our Showcases clicks through to the original bloggers post.

Select the image you would like. Final step – choose a category that you’d like the post added to from the drop down…
How to use LABit

…and click submit!

Super easy!

If you would prefer not to install the LABit tool or should you have difficulty installing the tool to your toolbar, for example on newer iPads or using Windows 8, there is another way to add posts to Love All Blogs, allbeit a slower one, sadly, via the online form which you can find here.


  1. says

    Just done this for the 1st time – was very nervous but it worked – yyyyeaaaah!
    Maybe I CAN do anything after all!
    That was just the boost I needed today :-)

  2. says

    Any ideas on how to install the LAB button on IE 10 on Windows 8? There is no task bar to pin to… (Also having issues with pinterest button too).
    Thanks in advance for any tech help you can offer x

  3. says

    Hello all, just found this site, love it! Vicki, sorry I can’t help with windows 8 but Dad has just got the new version and I feel your pain! Grrrrr!!!!! I got him to use the desktop rather than directly accessing the internet from the start menu, that way you can still use internet explorer with the task bar.

  4. says

    Hi there!

    I’ve previously added some posts using the Lab It tool successfully. A couple of days ago I tried again (got a message saying the site was in maintenance) but haven’t seen them on Love All Blogs yet? Just tried to use Lab It now and got an error message when I clicked Submit…

    Please help as I love being able to showcase some of my posts here!

    Thanks, Lydia x

    • says

      Fear not – the posts added whilst the site was in maintenance are stacked up waiting to be added, I can see hundreds of them in the app engine, with the theme change we’ve just need to tweak a couple of bits so that they transfer over – they’ll be up in the next day, along with the ones from today. What did the error message say can you remember?


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