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Family fun at Bounce Festival

Family fun at Bounce Festival

The word ‘festival’ normally conjures up images of sodden swampy fields, rain, and drunken, drug-fuelled music lovers… I frequented quite a few of them in my youth – and they weren’t the sort of places I would have wanted to have shared with kids. However, what attracted families wasn’t exactly on my radar at that time – but now that has changed.

The likes of Camp Bestival, Latitude and Shambala all have huge sections dedicated to parents and their children – it’s this new generation who still want the festival experience but want to be able to go with their offspring. Back to more local pastures, you only have to search your own area to discover lots of family friendly festivals on a much, much smaller scale, which is why I was happy to stumble across Bounce Festival a few weeks ago for the Urban Monkey Guide.

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